Demons are no fun. They harass. They enslave. They cause addictions. They can cause sickness. They bring fear, and even worse...

...these parasites aggravate our character weaknesses without our even knowing it, all in an attempt to ruin our lives. To make matters worse, they’re usually invisible so they can get away with murder before we figure out what’s hitting us. No one needs invisible enemies holding us back from within. Thankfully, there is a fully dependable solution.

When our problems are aggravated or caused by demons, there’s only one solution to these parasites. Other solutions won’t work.

This is why it’s so helpful to gain experienced help from people who know the solution; people with spiritual wisdom and discernment; people with insight who know about demons and recognize their patterns; people who have authority to send demons packing; people who can show the Way to be free and to stay free. This is why Freedom Time International exists.

When Jesus was on earth in human form, thousands of people came to Him for healing and freedom from demons. He and His followers were well known to have authority over demons. His followers still have this authority. Unfortunately, few openly use it to cast out demons.

Worldwide, there is still only one solution to demons…only one name by whom demons can be cast out. It is the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The dramatic story of Lyndell Enns’ encounter with satan bears this out.

If you desire personal help getting free from the influence of demons and getting lasting freedom, we are ready to help.

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This is a free service made possible by those who know its importance and value. If you find it helpful, we encourage you to pay it forward with a love offering to Freedom Time International, helping us to help others.

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