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Imagine going to war today without an air force. Not a good plan! Our international prAIRFORCE supplies the prayer cover that is of paramount importance to this ministry’s success…

We encourage you to listen to Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, to gain a very visual appreciation of the power our prayers have to affect the hand of God with his angels in the spirit realm. No monumental thing is done without prayer, but when we pray, “May Your kingdom come and Your will be done,” the immeasurable, incomprehensible God of all creation is very pleased to get involved!

If you enjoyed This Present Darkness, you’ll be excited to join the real-time prAIRFORCE. Whenever our Freedom Leaders are casting out demons or there is some other special need for prayer cover, one or more squadrons of people in the prAIRFORCE receive a prayer mission sent by text or email in real-time so monumental things can get done!

Our international prAIRFORCE is made up of volunteers who are not afraid of war; people who desire to nurture a big awe of God, people who desire to grow in righteousness, people who desire to live more and more consciously in the spirit realm for greater faith and effectiveness in God’s kingdom, people who have compassion for the sick, the lost and the afflicted, people who intentionally live in the full armour of God since our battle is not against people but against the spiritual rulers and demonic forces of evil in the spirit realm.

James tells us that the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power to produce wonderful results. The Bible also reveals that powerful prayer is enhanced by powerful faith. Faith is, the conviction to act confidently on what we don’t see. Therefore, those who perceive a big, powerful, involved, awesome God with millions of angels will have much greater prayer power than those who perceive God as small, weak, uninvolved, distant, and with few angels. This begins to explain why people in the prAIRFORCE make a habit of stirring up big awe and respect for God.

If all this is something you could grow into…if it is something that really excites you, then don’t wait another second!

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Thanks for your interest in joining the International prAIRFORCE! Our heart for you is that your awe of God explodes; that you would live more and more consciously in the spirit realm with tremendous new faith and effectiveness in God’s Kingdom! We are committed to inspiring this in your life. Please introduce yourself to get started:

Personal details of prAIRFORCE applicants are kept confidential. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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